Kill Speed

KILL SPEED is a high-octane, youth oriented, TOP GUN meets FAST & FURIOUS tale about best friends who fly home-built, high-tech planes to deliver Mexican manufactured crystal meth throughout rural California in order to fund their Hollywood, rock-star lifestyle.

Written & Directed By
Kim Bass

Produced by
Deanna Shapiro

Executive Producers
Bob Zimmerman
Jon Zimmerman
Dick Mattern
Julian Bryant
Terry Mattern

Director of Photography
Daniel Bramm

Aerial Directory of Photography
Mehron Salamati

Kevin Alexander Heard

Deanna Shapiro

Kim Bass

Gary McClurg

Dennis Ho

Associate Producer
Lisa Hamil

Associate Producer
Kassi Crews

Edited By
Michael Purl

Music By
Sean Murray

Aerial Coordinator
Skip Holm

Production Designer
Jamey DiDomenico

Costume Designer
Conan Castro Jr

Casting Director
Lisa Hamil
Nicholas Brandt

Executives in Charge of Production
Larry Brennan
Karlton Butts

Andrew Keegan
Brandon Quinn
Natalia Cigliuti
Nick Carter
Reno Wilson
Greg Grunberg
Christian Monzon
Graham Norris
Joshua Alba
Tom Arnold
Innis Casey
Marissa Weber
Bill Goldberg
Skip Stellrecht
Brent Huff
Andrea Savopolos
Enrique Almeida
Maria Forero
Enrique Renaldo
Brandon Scott
Pedro Miguel Arce
Amy Rider
Eduardo Ortiz
Jody Carlson
Irina Voronina
Stephanie Katz
Joy Sudduth
Daylon Reese
Shawn Huff
Mary Sanchez
Jessica Gardner

DIA Alpha Leader
Alexa Motley

DIA Agents
Jamey DiDomenico
Levi Montgomery
Michael Purl
Lee Vervoort
Jesse Jam Miranda
Joe Langer
Dennis Nusbaum
Ritchie Lago Bautista
Bob Saldana

Escondido’s Head Guard
Vinicius Machado

Escondido’s Guards
Jose De Jesus Martinez
Eloy Mendez
Martin Santander
Salvador Velez
Zach Wilson

Restaurant Server
Kelley Butts

Restaurant Diners
Michael A. Alfieri
Carol Araki
Ryan Beebe
Alice Chow
Cassidy Hartmann
Aric Mattson
Eric Norwitz
Tyler Petry
Shalon Saville
MBA Shakoor
Brandon Shapiro
Kady Weatherby

Young Strayger Voice
Brandon Klopot

Punisher Voice
Eduardo Rodriguez Terry

1st Assistant Director
Michael Del Polito

2nd Assistant Director
Alexa “Squirrel” Sheehan

2nd 2nd Assistant Director
Forrest Tagliamonte
Stephanie Tull

Unit Production Manager
Keith Coene

Production Coordinator
Kerry Moynahan

Assistant Production Coordinator
Justin R. Lillge

Second Unit Director of Photography
Dean Hamilton

Second Unit Director
Michael Del Polito

Phantom Camera Operator
Michael May

1st Assistant Camera
Joseph Walsh

2nd Assistant Camera
Brandon Dolson
Marcus Kellum

2nd 2nd Assistant Camera
Craig Railsback

Digital Imaging Technician
Lyndel Crosley

Marc Meisenheimer

Best Boy Electric
Paul Wittenberger

Key Grip
Dan Hickey
Travis Belgard

Best Boy Grip
Chett Spinney

Michael Monson
Pete Stratte
Jason Wiest

Production Sound Mixer
Oliver L. Moss
David Schneider

Boom Operator
Lisa Gillespie

Sean Murray

Music Supervisor
Dennis Sanders

Script Supervisor
Erin Casteel

Operations Coordinator
Don “DJ” Barilari

Key Set PA
Lee Vervoort

Production Assistants
Dale Neven
Ryan Shields
Mike Strain
Zach Wilson
Bobby Kailen
Kat Abbott
Levi Abramoff
Matt Grahan

Production Office Manager
Christina Caldwell

Office Production Assistants
Christina Balady
Ashley Carbin
Curt Neil

Assistant Aerial Coordinator
DeDe Holm

Aerial 1st AC
Ryan Detzel

Aerial 2nd AC
Alan Mackulin

Aerial Photography Provided by Crossbow Helicopters, Inc

Camera Ship Pilot
Dave Gibbs

California City Airport Manager
Robert King

California City Airport Operations
Marion Cato

Aerial Operations
Tom Reynolds

Airport Services
Andrew Parker

Air Bosses
Michael “Sparky” Jansen
Jason “Rico” Lewis
Collin “BamBam” Ireton

Art Director
Levi Montgomery

Helmet Painting by Imagivations

Prop Master
Levi Montgomery

Breakaway Props by Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass

Special Effects by Special Effects Solutions, Inc

Special Effects Coordinator
Roger Matsuo

Special Effects Pyrotechnician
Vince Montefusco

Special Effects Pyrotechnician 2nd
Joseph McGowan

Special Effects Assistant
Ben Hoffman

Special Effects Assistant
Darlene Picaso

Special Effects Assistant
Mike Strain

Special Effects Models
Michael Rigney

Key Make Up/Hair
Keleigh Lippert-Palladino

Asst Make Up/Hair
Jennifer Gerber

Wardrobe Supervisor
Sarah Fleming

Weapons by Mike Tristano & Company
Mike Tristano
Levi Montgomery

Stunt Coordinator
Lou Simon

Stunt Driver
Rich Evans

Location Manager
Tim Comstock

Sound Stage by Laurel Canyon Stages

Benjamin Sensabaugh

Messenger Service by Royal Messenger

Set Photographer
Michael Moriatis

BTS Video
Casey Fingerhut

Catering By Foxy’s Landing

Glen Bolding

Assistant Chef
Anthony Murillo

Craft Service
Brian Adsit

Transportation Captain
Rick Lovoy

Greg Jacobs
Steve Lovoy

Motorhome Provided by GT Brand Motorsports

Schwing-Mobile Provided by Hollywood’s Motion Picture Lighting

Hardcore H20 Mustang Courtesy of Huntington Beach Bodyworks

Luxury Cars Provided by
Black & White Car Rental of Beverly Hills

Aircraft Provided by
Bear Air
Wright Flight Aviation

Motorcycles Provided by Rick Hoffman

Casting Associate
Nicholas Brandt

Post Production Supervisor
Kassi Crews

Production Attorneys
Larry Brennan
Karlton Butts
Eric Norwitz
Mark Koorenny

Production Insurance by Film Emporium Insurance Services

Payroll Services by ABS Payroll & Production Accounting Services
Kevin King, Director of Payroll
Jeremy Milota, Payroll Coordinator

Post Production Facility - Digital Jungle Post Production

Executive In-Charge of Post Production
Dennis Ho

DI Colorist
John Scheer

Additional Colorist
Mark Todd Osborne

DI Editor
Michael Davis

DI Assistant
Ken Reichel

DI Technician
Dave Walker

DI Producer
Kassi Crews

VFX Animator
John Scheer

Digital Compositor
Michael Davis

3D Artist
Cory Strassburger

Additional VFX
David Scott Van Woert
Leo Vezzali

Re-Recording Mixer
Russell Johnson

Sound Designer
Russell Johnson

Additional Sound Design
Chris Whetstone

Foley Supervisor
Chris Julian

Foley Artist
Karina Becker

CG Effects by FreeRange3D

Executives of CG Production
Allen L. Bolden
Don Regan
Ron Kanemura

Supervisor of CG
Stephen McClure

CG Effects Coordinator
Fabiola Morales

CG Modelers
Emil Besirevic
Tovonaina Andriamampionona
Nathan Warner

CG Texture Artists
Emil Besirevic
Tovonaina Andriamampionona

Matchmoving Artists
Stephen McClure
Hung Vodinh

Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering
Tovonaina Andriamampionona
Sanjay Chand
Christopher Pollok
Emil Besirevic
Hung Vodinh

Roto/Compositing Effects
Matt Kelly
Toma Bowen
Chris Dawson
Kelly Fischer
Nicole Torres

Call of Duty-World at War Courtesy of Activision Publishing, Inc

“No More Games”
Written & Performed by Nick Carter and Andrew Alvarado (BMI)
Used with Permission of Jive Records
By Arrangement with Universal Music Publishing Group
In Association with Attack Cat Music Publishing (BMI)

“Head Over Heels”
Written by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith (BMI)
Performed by Nicole Willard
Used by Permission of EMI Virgin Songs, Inc
By Arrangement with F.O.F. Entertainment Group

“Clouds of Treason”
Written & Performed by Brandon Shapiro (BMI)
By Arrangement with Attack Cat Music Publishing (BMI)

Written by Kelly Keeling (ASCAP)
Performed by Paris Keeling
Used with Permission by Surgeland Records

“Bleed All Over Me” WS Remix
Written by Cameron Graves, Milton Leon Honore, Jr
and Jada Pinkett Smith (ASCAP)
Performed by Wicked Wisdom
By Arrangement with F.O.F. Entertainment Group

“Rich Walk”
Written & Performed by Famouz (ASCAP)
By Arrangement with Spin Rich & F.O.F. Entertainment Group

“Because I’m Awesome”
Written by Luis Cabezas and Kelly Odgen (BMI)
Performed by The Dollyrots
Published by Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI)
and Oh Sniffy Music (BMI)
Master Recording Courtesy of Blackheart Records Group
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“Let Me Baby” (a)
Written by Richard Myhill
Courtesty of APM Music

“If You Want To Be My Lover”
Written by Stephane Huguenin, Christian Padovan and Yves Sanna
Courtesty of APM Music

“Make You Drip”
Written by R. Johnson and M. Allen
Performed by Dialect, Bastian and Krazy Irvin
By Arrangement with Dialect Music
All Rights Reserved

“Stop Go”
Written & Performed by Famouz
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“Till I Crash”
Written & Performed by Dialect and Porter Singer
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“The Pusher”
Written by Hoyt Wayne Axton (BMI)
Performed by Steppenwolf
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“Go Fast”
Written & Performed by Nathan East & Scott Eric Olivier
Produced by Nathan East & Scott Eric Olivier
By Arrangement with New East Music (ASCAP) and Casa Distortion (BMI) © 2009

“Speed of Life”
Written by Nathan East & Scott Eric Olivier
Performed by The ‘Speed of Life’ Band
Nathan East – Bass, Scott Eric Olivier – Guitars,
Kenny Aronoff – Drums, Jay Sosnicki - Lead Vocals
Produced by Nathan East & Scott Eric Olivier
By Arrangement with New East Music (ASCAP) and Casa Distortion (BMI) © 2009

“Pana Pana”
Written by Jose Manuel Guitian & Domingo Ramos
Performed by Don Dinero
Courtesy of Don Dinero Music / CdA Group LLC
By arrangement with IODA

Special Thanks
Dennis Ho
Nathan East
Gary A. Perlman
Claudia “Rocky” Zevalos
Julian and Frances Bryant
Terre Mattern
Robert King – Airport Manager - California City
Ronna Greene – California City
Police Chief Steve Colerick - California City
Linda Lunsford – City Manager - California City
Jason Morgan – Whiteman Airport
Steve Slonneger & Able Aircraft Services Corporation
Ruben & Anthony Piranian of Burbank Air Service
The United States Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office
Randy Opat
Stuart Featherstone
John Nelson
John Fischer
Able Avionics
Jason Farrell of VER
Brian Vidor - The Hump Restaurant
Screen Actors Guild
Entire FreeRange3D Team

Take2 Equity Group, LLC would like to acknowledge and thank the following persons for their support in the production of this film:

Todd Adler
Bill Arnold
Canstantine Barbounis
Vasili Barbounis
Chris Basak
Julian & Frances Bryant
Troy Cameron
Wayne Frechette
John Galanti
Arthur & Ann Greeder
Collin “BamBam” Ireton
Michael “Sparky” Jansen
Solon & Vivian Kandel
Jason “Rico” Lewis
Richard Mattern
Lois Mattern
Terre Mattern
Todd Mattern
Travis Mattern
Nancy & Trent Mattern
Patricia Miller
Peter Nunan
Josh Pressley
Tony Recchia
Kyle & Michelle Schmidt
Dave & Sally Snyder
Todd Snyder
Michael Stocker
Alphonse Tribuiani
Isaac Zilber

Copyright 2009 No More Games, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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