Nightmares in Babysitting



Nightmares in Babysitting

The horror-thriller Bad Behavior, is set for release on DVD on Oct. 22. The film was co-written by Nicholas Brandt ad his partner Lisa Hamil and stars Linda Hamilton (The Terminator), Ted McGinley (Happy Days, Married With Children) and Halle Hirsch (Grey’s Anatomy). THe film centers on babysitter, Zoe (Hirsch), who is left in charge of three children overnight. Zoe’s only concerns seems to be fighting off the romantic advances of teen brothers Tyler and Jack, but things go awry when she suddenly finds herself in a bathroom groggy and confused with only the two youngest kids – Tyler and Grace – with her. While Tyler tries to explain how they got in there, an intruder attempts to break the door in.

Soon Zoe discovers the “intruder” is oldest son Jack, who’s had a psychotic break. Zoe and the kids decide to wait out the night in the bathroom, as they expect their parents back in a few hours. When that help never arrives, they plot and attempt another escape, only to further anger Jack in the process.

“We wanted to be as grounded in reality as possible,” Brandt said of the script. “We did a lot of research into what could happen during a break. Hopefully we’re true to that and we are telling an engaging story.”

Bad Behavior will be available on Netflix and through Amazon.
Posted: Oct 14, 2013 / Written by Richard Hutton / Niagra This Week