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  • dodpostermiamismall

    Day of Days

    A reclusive, God-fearing 91-year-old man and a young Cuban refugee home-aid worker struggle to come to terms with their regrets, the unbearable pain of unacceptable loss, love and the most difficult and beautiful of human …

  • ABP1

    A Better Place

    Jeremy Rollins, a shy and underdeveloped young man with an uncanny condition, learns how to cope with life in a small corrupt town.

  • Kill Speed

    Kill Speed

    KILL SPEED is a high-octane, youth oriented, TOP GUN meets FAST & FURIOUS tale about best friends who fly home-built, high-tech planes to deliver Mexican manufactured crystal meth throughout rural California in order to fund …

  • Junkyard Dog

    Junkyard Dog

    Inspired by actual events, JUNKYARD DOG is a gritty psychological-horror-thriller that delves the demented mind of a cannibalistic serial rapist who kidnaps his tenth victim.  JUNKYARD DOG tells the terror-filled tale of Audra Buckman, a …

  • The Legend of Cryin' Ryan

    The Legend of Cryin’ Ryan

    When Kris accidentally knocks over a tombstone while playing hide and seek in the cemetery, she unwittingly calls forth the spirit of the legendary town bully, Cryin’ Ryan Greene.  Ryan’s ghost implores Kris to help …

  • Bad Behavior

    Bad Behavior

    Trapped by an unknown assailant, a babysitter must keep herself and the kids safe until help arrives. As the hours tick by, she realizes the greatest threat might be the very children she’s trying to …

  • Succubus Hell-Bent

    Succubus Hell-Bent

    Sometimes what happens at Spring Break doesn’t stay at Spring Break… Sometimes it follows you home.

  • paperroses1

    Paper Roses

    A regret can last a lifetime, and for Henry it’s been with him since the day he lost his first love.  So when a young, lonely man makes his acquaintance, Henry finds a chance for a …

  • Movies

    Find a great story, uncover the truth within it, then convey the beauty of that truth with the help of a truly talented cast and crew, who are all committed to realizing the same brilliant vision. ~ BLP

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